Ms. Sanchez' Top Ten Homework Tips for Students

  1. Make sure you rest up and have a snack before attempting to do your homework. Your body needs to be energized in order to do your best.

  2. Establish a time each day for doing your homework.

  3. Find a quiet, well-lit place to do your homework. Do not do your homework while watching TV. Avoid as many distractions as you can.

  4. Next, read over your homework assignments for the night. Get your parents or guardians to look over your assignments and sign them if necessary when you are done.

  5. Check to make sure you have all the materials and supplies needed to complete your homework. The following is a list of supplies you may need in order to complete your homework: pencils, paper, eraser, dictionary, thesaurus, books, etc. If you need any special materials, make sure you tell your parents in advance.

  6. If you reach a difficult part in your homework, be sure to ask your parents for help or wait until the next school day so you can speak to Ms. Sanchez about your difficulties. You may also choose to call Dial-a-Teacher which is a free home learning help service provided by our school district, just call 305-995-1600 (Monday - Thursday from 5pm - 8pm).

  7. Follow the specified times for completing homework according to your grade level. See the list below to help you determine the average time it should take you to complete your homework. Remember that these times DO NOT include the additional 30 minutes required to be devoted to daily independent reading (acquired from the District's Homework Policy):

    K-1: Daily (5 days a week) for 30 minutes
    2-3: Daily (5 days a week) for 45 minutes
    4-5: Daily (5 days a week) for 60 minutes

  8. Remember to do your independent reading for at least 30 minutes each night. Be sure to read something that is interesting and fun for you. Your nightly reading will help you get closer to achieving your goal in our 40 Book Challenge.

  9. Pace yourself when completing homework assignments. DO NOT leave assignments for the last minute and pay close attention to deadlines.

  10. Be sure to place your finished homework inside your homework folder when you are done so you can turn it in to Ms. Sanchez on the following school day and receive proper credit.

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