On this page you will find details on the various policies and procedures that are implemented in our classroom. You can use the list below to guide you or scroll down as you read.

bullet Appearance and Attire
bullet Emergency Contact Card
bullet Attendance
bullet Home Learning Policy
bullet Bathroom Breaks
bullet Learning Centers
bullet Birthday Parties
bullet Lining-Up
bullet Book Bags
bullet Lunch Room
bullet Bullying and Harassment Policy
bullet Morning Procedures
bullet Classroom Library
bullet Pencil Sharpening
bullet Classroom Visits
bullet Personal Possessions
bullet Communication
bullet Required Supplies
bullet Computer Use
bullet Scholastic Book Clubs
bullet Conferences
bullet Student Progress
bullet Detentions
bullet Telephone Use
bullet Dismissal
bullet Water Fountain Use


DAVID LAWRENCE JR. K-8 CENTER IS A MANDATORY UNIFORM SCHOOL. NO EXCEPTIONS. A 10 day grace period is provided at the beginning of the school year, for new or transferring students to obtain uniforms.

Our Uniform colors are:

Parents will be called if the student is not properly dressed. Appropriate clothing will need to be brought to the office in order for the child to return to class.

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Regular and punctual attendance is important in order to fulfill the educational needs of every child. The school day begins promptly at 8:35am. Students need to be in their seats and ready for instruction. If a student is late, he or she must obtain a "Late Pass" from the office in order to excuse his or her tardiness.

The education of each child can be seriously affected by absences. Your child's success at school depends upon regular and consistent attendance. Most subjects are taught in sequence requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation. Persistent absenteeism creates a genuine hardship for a student and is regarded as a very serious problem. If an absence occurs, a note must be sent to the student's teacher stating the nature of the absence in order for it to be excused. Every absence MUST be followed by a note from you stating the nature of absence. No absence is an excused absence without such a note even if you have communicated via telephone. The note must explain the reason for the absence and a working telephone of a parent or guardian who can verify the absence. The parent or guardian must sign the note. If a student has a large number of absences, the teacher is required to ask for a doctor’s note. If a doctor’s note is not presented, the student will be marked “unexcused”.

Students granted an excused absence will make-up all class work within 48 hours to receive a grade, if work is not completed a failing grade will be given. Any absence, which is unexplained by a written note, will be unexcused. Any unexcused absence will result in a failing grade issued for any work missed on the day(s) in question.

The following is a definition for each type of absence:

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We are very fortunate to have our own bathroom inside the classroom. If a student needs to use the bathroom, the student must raise their hand and wait for permission from the teacher in order to use the bathroom. Taking a bathroom break during instruction is not allowed since students may miss out on important information needed to complete classroom assignments.

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Birthday parties/celebrations are allowed only during lunchtime. The parent MUST provide all refreshments and serve the refreshments during lunchtime. Please try to adhere to our healthy eating/ healthy choices theme.

With regards to other parties, the school district's policy allows for two celebrations a year; one before the Winter Break and one at the end of the year. All other parties MUST have the approval of the principal.

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Students are advised to enter the classroom, take a seat, and remove any needed school tools from their book bags. "School tools" are defined as any tools needed during the class period to complete assignments such as: pencils, erasers, notebook paper, folders, art supplies, etc. Once students have their necessary school tools, they are to place their book bags in bins found at a designated area of the classroom. Students will not be allowed to go into their book bags until the end of the school day. Fifteen minutes before the end of the school day, students will be sent in groups of four to claim their book bags and get ready for dismissal.

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Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS), along with David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center, is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students. To this end, bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. Students in our class will learn about bullying and harassment as well as sign an Anti-Bullying/Harassment Classroom Pledge. If students feel that they are being bullied or harassed they are asked to please report it to their teacher, school employee, or parent. If students want to make an anonymous bullying/harassment report, they may complete an anonymous reporting form and place it inside the Anonymous Bullying/Harassment Reporting box located in the school's Media Center OR they may call the MDCPS Bullying/Harassment Anonymous Tip Hotline at (305) 995-CARE. Please visit the District's Bullying and Harassment Policy site and/or view the District's Policy Against Bullying and Harassment for more information.

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Our classroom has a library created with the purpose of motivating students to read for various purposes which include reading for fun, reading to practice a reading strategy/skill, or reading to practice fluency. Students will be sent to the classroom library during the following times:

There will be a "Wishes for Books" box in the classroom where students will be invited to drop in the titles and authors of favorite books they would like to see added to the library. Once a month, the teacher will draw a book title and announce to the class which new book will be added. Nevertheless, the teacher holds the right to decline a book title if the chosen title is not appropriate for the class.

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Parents are welcomed to come by and visit our classroom once an appointment has been established. Parents are asked to call the school at (305) 354-2600 ext. 3233 to speak to or leave a message for Ms. Sanchez in order to schedule an appointment for a classroom visit.

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Open lines of communication are vital elements in any school program. The relationship between school and home is always better enhanced through discussion of mutual problems, grades, proposals, or programs. We invite and urge parents to participate in any way possible in order to further enrich their child’s potential. 

Parents may communicate by:

Ms. Sanchez will communicate by:

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Our classroom is equipped with four computers offering a variety of skill-building programs. Every student in class will use the computer everyday in order to complete the Success Maker program which is a comprehensive, evidence based software solution for Reading and Math that develops essential skills for students of all ages. Other software programs include: Reading Plus, FCAT Explorer, and Riverdeep which can also be accessed from your home if you have a computer with Internet access. Additionally, students will go on the computer in order to complete various projects and assignments given by the teacher.

Computer time will be designated by the teacher during the class period. Students should wait for the teacher to give instructions on when to go on the computer. Furthermore, a student will lose his or her computer time if the following occur: (1) the student touches a part of the computer that he or she is not allowed to touch; (2) the student goes into a part of the computer he or she is not allowed to go in; (3) the student uses another student’s name and password (4); the student plays around in the computer instead of doing his or her work; or (5) the student is distracting other students who are working. If any of these situations occur, the student will face immediate disciplinary action as stated in the school-wide discipline plan.

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We appreciate the interest you express in the progress of your child. Parents are welcomed to schedule conferences with the teacher throughout the year to discuss mutual problems, grades, academics, or problems. Conferences may be arranged with the teacher at a mutually convenient time and setting and they may be requested by the parent, teachers, or administration. To schedule an appointment for a conference, please call (305) 354-2600 ext. 3233 to speak to or leave a message for Ms. Sanchez.

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If at any time throughout the year a student receives a detention, a 24 hour notice will be sent home with the student. Parents must sign and return the Detention Notice to school the day following the issuance of such notice. If the Detention Notice is not returned the following day, the detention still has to be served. Parents will be notified via phone by the teacher. It will be the responsibility of the parent to arrange for transportation.

Students must meet on time at the designated detention area and report to the detention teacher promptly. Talking, or eating during the detention period is not allowed. There will be no laughing, socializing, or note passing during detention. NO CHILD IS ALLOWED TO REMAIN ON CAMPUS AFTER DETENTION AND/OR DISMISSAL TIME. Please note that students will NOT be released from the detention room until a parent shows up in person to pick them up.

Students that fail to show up or arrive late to detention will be given a double detention. Parents will be notified via phone by the teacher, or an administrator of the student's responsibilities and the consequences for his/her actions. After three (3) detentions, a parent conference will be required with the respective teacher and an administrator.

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The school day ends at 3:05pm Monday-Friday except on Wednesday which is early dismissal and students are dismissed at 1:50pm. Students will begin to get ready for dismissal 15 minutes before the end of the school day. They will need to make sure they have written down their home learning assignments and have any handouts needed to complete their homework. Prior to being dismissed, students will need to put away their notebooks, binders, and chair pockets back inside their team's 3-drawer cart. The teacher will call students by teams to get their book bags from the book bag bins and pack up. Each team will need to make sure the area around their desks, including the floor, is clean before they are dismissed. Once the teacher dismisses students, they are to stack their chairs in the designated area of the classroom before leaving. Students who ride the bus will be dismissed 5 minutes before dismissal. All other students will be dismissed on time and are to head to either the Parent Pick-Up area or After-Care.

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Parents need to make sure that they complete and sign the emergency contact card provided to them at the beginning of the school year or when they register their child. It is very important for emergency and administrative reasons, that every student maintain an up-to-date emergency contact card. Parents need to notify the teacher immediately if they have a change of address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, or place of employment.

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Home Learning is an integral factor in fostering the academic achievement of students and in extending school activities into the home and the community. Home Learning should provide reinforcement and extension of class instruction, and should serve as a basis for further study and preparation for future class assignments. Students will receive home learning assignments every day, Monday through Friday. If the assignment is to be written, students are expected to return the completed assignment on the following school day. Parents are asked to please review their child’s home learning assignments every night. Older children may have longer assignments, which are due within a few days or a week.

Frequency and Quantity of Home Learning Assignments for Students in Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade: Daily (5 days a week) for a maximum of 60 minutes

These times do not reflect the additional 30 minutes that are required to be devoted to daily independent reading, which needs to be done every day MONDAY-SUNDAY. During these 30 minutes parents may either read to their child or listen to their child read. Students may also choose to complete a 30 minute session in Reading Plus or Ticket to Read, which they can access through the Student Portal, in lieu of reading a book. For more information about the District's ruling regarding homework, please view the District's Homework Policy.

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Learning Centers take part of the Differentiated Instruction period during the daily Reading block. Students are placed in groups of 5-6 students. These groups attend various learning centers in order to engage in independent activities that enhance the students' overall reading abilities. The activities found in each learning center are differentiated for each student group in order to meet students at their independent level of learning. Student groups spend an approximate 15 minutes per learning center and may visit up to 2-3 centers a day. The following is a list of the learning centers available in our classroom:

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Students will be instructed to practice the following guidelines when lining-up:

Looking forward
nner hands
ice and quiet
veryone's in a straight line

The above acrostic poem is an instant reminder for students to line-up correctly. Students immediately remember that:

When lining-up from the classroom, students will be called according to team scores. The team with the most points will line-up first, then the second team and so forth. Students will proceed to line-up towards the entrance of our classroom. They will then follow the "LINE" up guidelines. If students are unable to "LINE" up accordingly, they will be instructed to sit down and attempt the process again until it is done correctly.

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Students are expected to maintain positive behaviors while having lunch in the cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to discuss the following expected cafeteria behaviors:

Students are not to be signed out during lunch unless they are leaving the school grounds.

Applications for the "Free or Reduced Lunch Program" are provided at the beginning of the year, and should be completed and returned to the main office for processing during the first two weeks of school. If you pay for your child's lunch, you may make payments in advance to the cafeteria manger or you may do so online by visiting the PayPAMS website. Breakfast is free everyday to every child in Miami Dade County Public Schools. If your child is not buying lunch and does not receive free lunch he/she must bring lunch every day. Meals from places such as Burger King and McDonalds ARE NOT allowed in the school’s cafeteria. The MDCPS school lunch menu is published weekly in the local Neighbors section of The Miami Herald or you may visit the School Lunch Menu website to view and/or download the upcoming menus.

Lunch prices are as follows:


All students No Charge


Reduced Price............$0.40

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As students enter the classroom they are expected to come in quietly, take a chair, and bring it over to their assigned seats. Next they are required to take a chair pocket from their team's 3-drawer cart and place it over their chairs. From the same 3-drawer cart, students will take their Reading Notebook, Writing Notebook, Science Notebook, and DOLPHIN Binders and place those inside their chair pockets for use during the day. Students need to then unpack their book bags and take out any necessary school tools needed for the day (e.g. pencils, folders, papers, etc.). After unpacking, students are to place their book bags in the bins found in a designated area of the classroom. Students are to then return to their desks, sharpen any pencils if needed, and begin their Do Now assignments. After attendance has been taken, the teacher will then review the Do Now assignment with the students before continuing with the day's lessons.

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Students are required to come to class prepared with at least 3 sharpened pencils. As part of their School Supplies list, each student will need to come to class prepared with a covered pencil sharpener. Students are to use their covered sharpeners to sharpen their pencils. They are to wait until the end of the class period to empty their sharpeners if needed. Students will not be permitted to sharper their pencils during instruction.

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Students are urged not to bring any expensive or valuable jewelry, toys, electronics, or other valuable possessions to school. Any toys or unauthorized electronics that are brought to the classroom will be confiscated by the teacher and will only be returned to the parent.

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Students are responsible for coming to class prepared with the necessary supplies on a daily basis. The following is a list of the supplies students are required to bring to class every day. Please note that this list only shows the supplies that are required for students to bring to class every day. This is not the complete list of supplies students need to bring at the beginning of the school year. For a complete list of required school supplies please visit our School Supplies page on this website or download the 2011-2012 Fourth Grade Supply List.

Parents are asked to please make sure they have extra supplies at home available in order to replace any supplies (e.g. pencils, writing paper, etc.) that need replacing throughout the school year. Furthermore, please help students understand the importance of coming to school prepared. If there are any questions regarding the required supply list, please contact Ms. Sanchez through email at msanchez7@dadeschools.net or by calling the school at (305) 354-2600 ext. 3233. A special thanks to all parents for their support on this matter.

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Our class will participate in a monthly book club sponsored by Scholastic called "Arrow". Students will receive a book club flyer every month that will feature book selections which range from a wide variety of reading levels. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and the class will earn bonus points for each item ordered. These points will be redeemed for books to improve our classroom library! The flyers will go home with the students, and parents are free to discuss the featured books with their child. Please note that participation in this book club is strictly OPTIONAL.

In order to assist parents with book selections, the teacher will make recommendations once a month.  If parents decide to purchase any books for their child, they will need to fill out the form on the back of the book club flyer, enclose either cash or a check made out to "Scholastic", and send both the flyer and the payment to the teacher (Ms. Sanchez). The teacher will then turn in the order and payment to Scholastic. Once the order is placed, delivery will generally take less than 2 weeks and the books will arrive to the classroom to be distributed to the students who purchased them.

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Student progress will be evaluated through progress reports (given half-way through each nine-week period) and report cards (given at the completion of each nine-week period).

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The use of the in-class telephone by students will be confined to EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY. Under no circumstances are students to call their parents to make after school arrangements.

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Students are strongly encouraged to bring a non-disposable water bottle to school for use during the school day and during their Physical Education (P.E.) class. If students need to use the water fountain, they may do so before school begins, during lunch, and after P.E. If a student needs to drink water from the fountain during the class period, the student must raise his or her hand, ask for permission to drink water, and take a hall pass before leaving the classroom. Students will not be given permission to drink water in the middle of an instructional lesson.

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