Listed below are the supplies needed in class for the 2015-2016 school year. It is each studentís responsibility to bring the necessary materials to class every day. You may also view and download this year's Fourth Grade Supply List.

Parents, please make sure you have extra supplies at home available in order to replace any supplies (e.g. pencils, writing paper, etc.) that need replacing throughout the school year. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Two Boxes of #2 Sharpened Pencils
2 Packs of Loose Leaf Wide-Ruled
Notebook Paper
Four Composition Notebooks
(for Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies)
Four Pocket Folders
(for Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies)
One PLASTIC Folder
One Yellow Highlighter
One Colored Pen for Checking
One Pack of Expo
Dry Erase Markers
Two Reams of White
Copy Paper (500 count)
One Roll of Paper Towels
for Class Use
Three Boxes of Tissues
for Class Use
One 12 oz. Large Hand Sanitizer
Pump for Class Use
One Antibacterial Soap Pump
for Class Use

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