On this page you will discover what our fourth grade students we'll be learning throughout the school year. I hope you'll take time to explore and catch a glimpse of the many learning adventures we'll have this year.


Students will be going on many Reading Adventures this school year. To start, all students will participate in our class's 40 Book Challenge. Students will be challenged to read 40 books from various reading genres that include: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Informational, Biography/Autobiography, and Poetry. All students will use a Reading Notebook to help them keep track of the books they are reading, as well as write letters to the teacher to maintain an open dialogue about books and reading.

In addition to the 40 Book Challenge, students will be reading a variety of literature to further enhance their reading skills and reading ability. The following is a list of novels we plan on reading this school year:


Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry


Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater


From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Koningsburg


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle


Homer Price by Robert McCloskey

We'll also be reading great literature stories in our Junior Great Books and in our Houghton-Mifflin Reading textbook as well. As we read, students will learn and practice essential reading skills such as: Vocabulary, Main Idea, Supporting Details, Compare/Contrast, Chronological Order, Text Features, Text Structure, Descriptive & Idiomatic Language, Theme, Author's Purpose & Perspective, and Cause & Effect.


This year students will learn how to apply Focus, Organization, Support, and Conventions to their writing. Students will explore how to dissect a writing prompt, brainstorm writing topics, and create a plan for writing. They will then make sure their writing is focused on the topic, is organized with a beginning, middle, and end, has ample support through elaboration of details, and follows proper conventions (spelling, punctuation, indentation, sentence variety, etc.). Students will also learn about various writing creativity skills (figurative language) that will further assist them with elaborating details in their writing. These skills include: Onomatopoeia, Similes, Metaphors, Idioms, Alliteration, Personification, Hyperboles, Transitional Phrases, Dialogue, and more! In additional to all of these great writing skills, students will be increasing their vocabulary by learning


In Math, students will be brushing up on their multiplication and division skills at the beginning of our Go Math (Florida Edition) textbook. They will learn all of their multiplication facts to 12 and be able to recall these facts with fluency. Students will then take their multiplication skills a step further by learning about 2-Digit by 2-Digit, 3-Digit by 2-Digit, and 4-Digit by 2-Digit multiplication. Our Math skills continue by focusing on factors & multiples which will pave the way towards helping students understand how fractions, decimals, and percents are related. Half-way through the school year, students will explore the area of rectangles as well as 2 and 3 dimensional figures, and transformations.


Our little scientists will begin the school year by reviewing the Scientific Method and Science Process Skills. They will apply this knowledge towards their annual Science Fair Projects. We'll also use our Scott Foresman Science textbook to further explore various scientific units such as: Physical Science, Earth Science, Space & Technology, and Life Science. In addition to our textbooks, we'll access educational video on BrainPOP to further review science topics and conduct labs both online and in class to help us learn and understand new scientific concepts.

Social Studies

The fourth grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on helping our students learn all about our state, Florida. Students will use our Harcourt Social Studies textbook to learn about Florida. In addition, our classroom is subscribed to Florida Studies Weekly which is a weekly newspaper that teaches students about different facts and information about our state.

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